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New Breed of “Panda Dog” Seen At Chinese Zoo

Panda Dog

At a Chinese zoo, visitors have been arriving in huge numbers to see pandas at the Panda Dog exhibit. But there has been confusion by visitors who have read their tickets. The tickets read “Xiong Mao Quan” which translates to…

Dogs Rescued From Dogfighting Ring In New Jersey

news conference

Dogs were trained to fight to the death. The New Jersey State Police arrested eight men on April 6 on suspicion of taking part in a brutal dogfighting ring that generated enormous profits for the ring leader. More than 100…

K9 Makes Amazing Drug Bust at Traffic Stop

LCSO drug bust

The drugs were hidden in a secret place in the vehicle. But the incredible sniffing senses of Bear helped the police officers find the drugs in a traffic stop. A K9 officer, called Bear, sniffed out 5.5 pounds of pure…

The Reign Of Terror By “Commander” The White House Dog

Angry dog

We might never know how many victims there were from Commander’s biting attacks. According to secret documents that were released under Freedom of Information requests, Joe Biden’s dog “Commander” caused terror and panic at the White House by biting Secret…